About me

Hey I'm Stephen. I started as a designer, now I do a range of things but I'm most happy building things, writing and making videos.

On this site I share what I'm curious about, lessons I'm learning and experiments I'm trying. Typically this stuff will focus on how to live better and build independent income.

Who am I?

Howdy folks. I'm Stephen, a college dropout turned designer, entrepreneur and creator. I quit college on my 18th birthday and have been figuring it out since.

I spent 4 years building a freelance web design + development business which has now turned into an agency DemandFlow.

I'm trying to live a well examined life. My focus is to work hard, learn continuously, live well, have hobbies and be interested in things.

Quick facts

  1. I am completely self-taught at everything I do, design, development, making videos. I prefer to learn by doing, making a lot of mistakes and improving over time.
  2. I'm 23 years old. Born November 18th 1999 in North Yorkshire, now based in Manchester.
  3. One of my first videos (incredibly cringey) was to convince Matt D'Avella to work together (it worked — we ended up launching Snail Mail together).
  4. I'm getting married in February 2024.

Wanna grab coffee?

If you're ever in Manchester and want to grab a coffee then send me a Twitter DM.