Betting on creators

Why is there not a better system for backing emerging creators?

May 29, 2022

Why is there not a better system for backing emerging creators?

For a while it looked like Bitclout might provide the answer but as the hype died down we're back to square one.

In the same way that I prefer watching the English Football League (EFL) over the Premier League, I prefer watching emerging creators over established creators.

Here's a diagram for those unfamiliar with football

Not because I'm someone who loves to hate on success, but because emerging creators are unpolished, they're still figuring it out, getting better with every rep they put in and you can tell they create because it means something.

For a while I wondered why I'd become so disillusioned with the Premier League, it's supposed to be the pinnacle of football yet to me it's lost its edge.

Sure it can be entertaining, the best players in the 'best' league. But there's something that the EFL has that the Premier League will never have, real jeopardy.

An influx of money from sportswashing operations means that relegation from the Premier League doesn't mean much. If you're a player you'll still earn a great living and clubs will receive millions in parachute payments.

Compare this to many EFL teams where the difference between success and failure is much greater. Every team and player have somewhere to strive (the promise land of the Premier League) but equally they have their livelihoods and careers to fight for.

What fascinates me with emerging creators is their ability to deal with uncertainty, the fear of failure and to move forward in the face of it.

All creators face a period of time where logically creating makes no sense. It's likely you'll commit countless hours to your creations with almost no reward for the first few years.

The tricky part is persevering in these times. It's easy to look at where other successful creators are today and assume you're playing the same game, but it's likely those creators have already gone through the struggle and come through the other side.

So how do you help early creators?

Every creator needs time + money and a reason to keep going.

Time + Money

Creators are similar to bootstrappers. They don't have an influx of capital that will allow them work on their craft everyday, instead they need to make money while building the thing.

Some make money from a job, while others take on freelance work to cover living expenses.

What's crucial at this stage is that the creator has enough money to free up their time to work on their creations.

The best way to financially support your favourite creators is to pay for what they make. Whether it's a product or a membership, if you're able to help that creator continue doing what they're doing you're going to help them free up their time to keep creating.

A reason to keep going

If you enjoy someones work the best thing you can do is let them know.

When you share something with the world it's easy to let self-doubt creep in.

There are universal problems every creator faces, from the anxiety of wasting time to wondering what the point of creating is if no ones listening.

In those times of self-doubt the best thing an early creator can see is encouragement, a reason to keep going.

While there's still no good way to bet on creators there are ways to back them, if you enjoy someones work let them know.